Our guide for maximum fun this Summer!

In need of ideas for fun activities for you and the little ones this summer? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, here are our top 10 picks for Summer activities for all ages that'll make this a Summer to remember:

1) Classic but fantastic - Build a den!

A perfect way to make some amazing memories with your little one (and get some nostalgia for yourself along the way) is to build a den! All you need is a few blankets and some pillows and you can transport to a different dimension! You can make an indoor den or venture into the garden to create an outdoor fortress - weather dependent of course! You can make your den into the perfect hideaway or even your own little movie theatre! 

Top tip - If you have any spare fairy lights, they’ll add a lovely magical element to your new favourite summer spot.

2) Grab your popcorn - It’s time for a movie marathon

This one is simple but effective! We all know the hardest part about a family movie night is choosing what to watch. But don’t worry, we’ve chosen some of our favourite family friendly movies so you don’t have to deal with hours of scrolling trying to find the perfect match. 

  1. Luca - All about the coming of age and the adventures of a sea creature that transforms into a boy. (Disney+)
  2. Encanto - this film is all about family, If you haven’t already watched it a million times, be prepared to. (Disney+)
  3. Scooby Doo - any of these movies / cartoons are excellent for big and little lovers of mysteries. (Now TV/Sky Go)
  4. Lady and the Tramp - a Family friendly romance that has been a favourite for generations! (Disney+)
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog - Enter a new sci-fi land of entertainment with a gaming favourite. (Netflix)

Or if you simply just can’t decide, you can always make a fun game out of picking a movie. Get all of your family to pick their top choice and write it on a piece of paper, throw them all in a hat, and draw from there! Just don't forget to put on their most comfy pair of PJs, movies are better when you're super comfy!

3) It’s smores time - why not head out camping?

Whether you want to go out into the wilderness camping or you fancy a back garden camp, you can make the camping experience perfect with some smores. 

All you have to do is get marshmallows, chocolate, and some crackers, add a tiny bit of fire, and you have a little sandwich of deliciousness! 

4) Cover to cover - Get reading

Some of the fondest memories include being read to as a child whether that was at bed time, or in school. The way that your imagination runs wild listening to all of the magical voices that the grown ups put on to make the characters come to life! Not only is this excellent for bonding with your little one but it’s good for their development of language and expanding their vocabulary. 

5) Surfs up - It’s time for a beach day

The beach…what a wonderful place to relax, play, and spend quality time! There are so many different activities, it’s hard to choose from!

We think some of the best activities at the beach involve adventure and exploration. Whether this is climbing over the rocks together looking for little fish and crabs in the rockpools, or building your very own palace of sand! Don't forget an awesome swimsuit for them either!

Top tip - take a fitted bed sheet to the beach with you, put bags or picnic baskets in each corner (anything that will keep the sheet in place) and then you have your very own sand free area. 

6) Let’s get messy - Sensory play time

Sensory play is super important, not just because it’s messy and fun, but because it helps your little one learn through curiosity, problem solving, creativity, and exploration. Sensory play is also very important for child development, it helps to build connections in the brain as well as aid the development of language and motor skills.

So why not make a summer themed sensory box! You can make a sensory play box out of nearly anything and everything. If you have sand, water, beads, toys, slime, even pasta or rice you can make a pretty nifty sensory box for your little ones to have hours of fun playing and exploring. A sensory bottle is also always a good option, all you really need is water, glitter and some small objects that will move around in the bottle when you move it. Moral of the story is get messy, get creative, and have fun. 

7) Let’s go…fly a kite

Things you are going to need:

  • Sticks / old wood (the lighter the better)
  • A pillow case / paper
  • A very long piece of string
  • Strong glue

Cut the paper or fabric into the shape of a long diamond, once you have your fabric, get sticks that fit the width and length of the fabric and bind them together using glue. Once the fabric and sticks have been glued together, you can then add the long piece of string to the end and whatever little adornments you’d like. Once the kite is dry, it's ready to fly. 

For some more in depth instructions, watch this video!

8) Big cook, little cook - Sunday Baking

A great way to enjoy spending time with your family is baking! You can keep it simple with an easy eton mess (no cooking involved) or you can take it up a notch with delicious flapjacks or irresistible brownies. The only things you will need for your little helper is a stool for them to stand on and an extra spoon, for tasting purposes of course!

9) Let’s get social - arrange a playdate

If you want to keep it simple and know some other parents who would love to meet up, you could arrange a picnic playdate and go to feed the ducks. Not only is this a lovely activity for the kids to do with their friends, but it's good for parents to get some downtime too and chat to others in the same position! 

10) A day out - have a roar-some time!

A day out is always a good option to keep the little ones occupied, whether you are going to a safari, aquarium, or theme park, you can find fun everywhere.

Got some other amazing ideas for Summer activities this year? Have we forgotten something really fun to do with the family? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram.