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Disney Princess Towel Poncho


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Official Disney Merchandise: Wrap your little princess in this enchanting Disney Princess hooded towel, featuring her favorite characters twirling in their iconic dresses against a backdrop of rainbow hues.

Cosy and Dry Adventures Await: With a snug hood and absorbent 100% cotton material, this poncho ensures she stays warm and dry whether she's at the pool, beach, or simply after bath time.

Transform every beach day into a royal adventure with this delightful Disney Princess beach towel poncho for girls. Crafted in bright pink with a captivating illustration of Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, and Rapunzel surrounded by a rainbow of colors, it's sure to spark imagination and fun. The cosy hood and absorbent 100% cotton fabric ensure your little one stays dry and comfy, whether at the pool, beach, or simply after bath time. This officially licensed Disney merchandise bath towel is a must-have for any young Disney enthusiast. 

  • 100% Cotton