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Disney Wish Swimsuit


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  • Magical Girls Swimsuit: Dive into a world of wonder with Asha and her Star friend from Disney's Wish, ready to make every swim enchanting!
  • Chic Swimsuit: A sprinkle of gold stars over a mesmerizing teal-to-purple gradient, topped with playful shoulder ruffles for that extra splash of fun.

This enchanting Girls Disney Wish Swimsuit is a dream come true for little Disney fans. Featuring the adventurous Asha and her celestial companion from the beloved movie Wish, it's set against a magical backdrop of gold stars cascading over a gradient from teal to purple. The playful ruffles on the shoulders add an extra touch of Disney magic, making it perfect for both poolside fun and beach adventures. It's more than just a swimsuit; it's a ticket to endless imaginative swims and magical moments in the sun.

  • 85% Polyester 15% Elastane Lining 100% Polyester