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Frozen Anna And Elsa Dress


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  • Magical Princess Attire: Transform into a real-life princess with this enchanting Girls Frozen Dress! Join Anna and Elsa in a world of colorful flowers and snowflakes on a dazzling navy canvas.
  • Twirl-Worthy Fun: The skirt is a garden of blooming flowers and twinkling snowflakes in every shade imaginable. Get ready to twirl, dance, and play in this adorable kids dress fit for a little royal!

Step into the enchanting world of Frozen with our Girls Frozen Dress! Imagine yourself as Anna or Elsa, surrounded by a garden of vibrant, multicolored flowers and magical snowflakes on a beautiful navy background. This dress is perfect for little princesses who love fun, adventure, and twirling in style. Let your imagination run wild and embrace the magic of Frozen with this playful and charming dress!

  • 100% Cotton